About Me


My Background

I am largely a self taught artist. I t seems that I have always painted.  I started showing my work a number of years ago. In California I had a number of shows both one man and group. I was in galleries in Palo Alto and in San Francisco and in Morgan Hill. 

 Since moving to Idaho I have shown with the Ponderey Art Council in Sandpoint. 

My work is in the collection of

 B of A, Genentech, Visa as well as many private collections.


My Medium

I use many different mediums, such as acrylic, oil, cold wax and mixed. when I am using mixed media I combine ink , pastel, pencil and paper. the photo is of a mixed media painting on100% rag board. 

This is cold wax and oil on board.

My Inspiration

I can be inspired by a persons stance or a tree or stream, a color or a new medium. I just really enjoy painting.  Painting anything,